At Ruff House, we believe that a tired dog is a happy dog! Each guest at boarding spends several hours a day in physical activity appropriate to breed, play style, age, health and physical tolerance.

If the weather is good, we’re outdoors playing in one of our fully fenced very large exercise yards. When not outdoors, we make use of our climate-controlled, 2700 sq. ft. indoor exercise area where there are toys and various types of equipment to keep minds and body busy.


What you need to know before bringing your dog to stay at Ruff House whether for the day or longer or if you are bringing your dog to classes.


For the protection of all our guests, we require that your dog’s vaccination for Rabies, Parvo, Distemper and Kennel Cough be current within the past year (or within the accepted protocols) and at least 3 weeks before coming out to the facility.

If your dog is coughing or sneezing or exhibiting any signs of illness that may be contagious, we reserve the right to refuse access to the facility. A veterinary certificate stating that the dog is not contagious but has a congenital issue will be accepted as proof of health.


We do not do training per se while your dog is boarding with us but we do reinforce basic manners such as sit, wait, no jumping up, come, etc. WE NEVER USE ELECTRONIC TRAINING DEVICES ON OUR GUESTS. We do use operant conditioning (clicker) and positive reinforcement (reward) and negative reinforcement (taking away of something of value – toys, freedom) if necessary. If your dog goes home better behaved than when it came it is because of the number of repetitions and reinforcement of positive behaviour.


Dogs are not on leash very much while staying with us. We do use leashes for dogs who have poor recall. For these dogs we allow the leash to drag so that we can step on it for ease of getting them to come in. We may put a leash on the dog to help us to integrate dogs who are frightened of other dogs. Sometimes they are more comfortable at first being tethered to a person until they realize that playing with other dogs could be fun.


Pick up and drop off times are between 9:00 in the morning and 9:00 in the evening unless otherwise arranged. We do appreciate knowing approximately when dogs are being dropped off or picked up so that we can arrange our schedule.


Owners should understand that whenever dogs get together, no matter how vigilant the care, incidents, accidents or illness can occur.


Ruff House does not permit smoking anywhere on its property. You may smoke in your vehicle. Cigarette butts are dangerous to dogs, so do not leave any on our property. Thank you for your co-operation.

8:00am    potty & breakfast
9:00am–noon    supervised activities whether indoor or out
noon–3:00pm  rest time in crates or rooms
3:00–5:00pm  more supervised playtime
5:00pm  rest time again, and dinnertime for over-night stays
10:00pm  last potty break, cookie and bed time

(of course, time may vary depending on our day!)

Our kennel area is a climate-controlled, indoor facility with generously sized areas for resting and sleeping.

Our guests should bring with them:

  • sleeping blankets/beds
  • crates
  • favourite toys
  • food (in it’s original packaging)
  • treats (if allowed)
  • medications in original, clearly marked containers

We provide bedtime treats (Kirkland brand dog biscuits), stainless steel bowls, fresh well water, and exercise.

For no extra charge we perform tick checks, brushing when we get a chance for dogs who like it, and administering of medications.

We do not provide training with Boarding guests unless previously discussed.

We do expect a sit at the door, no jumping up and come when called. All of these behaviours are reinforced.

Other behaviours that will be corrected involve: improper social interaction with other dogs, and excessive barking.

The methods of correction that we use include: blocking, redirection, leashing and time-out.


Daily rate (24-hour):  $30 per day for 1 dog
Monthly rate (26 to 30 days):  $750 per month for 1 dog

For families with more than 2 dogs, or for stays longer than 3 months, please call for space availability and pricing.

For service, military or police dogs, or dogs that require separation or isolation, please call well in advance to make arrangements.

We also provide a pick up or delivery service for $30 each way. Please call for more information about this service and to make arrangements.

For payment of services, we accept:

  • PayPal (+ $5 convenience fee)
  • E-Transfer
  • Cheque ($20 administration fee for returned cheques)
  • Cash

A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required for stays of 3 to 5 days, and $100.00 for more than 5 days. Your stay is not confirmed until payment is received. Payment can be made through PayPal, by cheque or cash in person.

Cheques can be mailed to: Ruff House, PO Box 117, Teulon, MB, R0C 3B0  (if time permits)

If the booking is cancelled more than two weeks before the date of the stay, the deposit will be returned minus costs if we can re-book that time slot.



A vacation for your dog at Ruff House provides opportunities for socialization with other guests and lots of space for exercise, both indoors and out. There is agility equipment, IQ toys, treadmills, balls, Frisbees and more for our guests to experience.

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Your dog's health

To assist us to give the best care for your dog(s), we need the following information for each of your dogs (if applicable.)
Some dogs may experience stress because they are staying in a strange place without their family. This typically manifests as fearful behaviour (not eating or tummy upset leading to “stress poop.”) Most times, this resolves itself within a day or two.

To help our guests over their anxiety or to treat minor cuts or scrapes, we may use one or more of the following home remedies:
* Thunder Shirts to wear for stress reduction
* DAP - dog appeasing pheromone for dogs who are highly stressed (behaviour)
* Bach Flower Essences - Rescue Remedy for dogs who are highly stressed (behaviour)
* Our own Magic Pumpkin Mix - for stress poop - loose stool or diarrhea or for constipation

* Fiskes Skin and Wound Salve - for cuts, scrapes
* For A Dog’s Ear - music that is designed especially to calm dogs

Your initials signify that you understand and agree to the use of these treatments. We do not charge extra for the use of the home remedies, for cleaning ears, or for regular grooming, such as brushing or bathing when a dog gets really dirty, or pats on the head, or hugs….
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Food & Fun

We would like to know more about your dog, so that we can make his/her visit as fun and interesting as possible.
YOUR DOG'S FEEDING SCHEDULE (for each dog if applicable)

Our Policies

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At Ruff House we do our best to provide a clean, safe environment for all our guests. Accommodations are kept well ventilated. All dishes are washed daily and fresh water is provided several times per day as required.

Guests are supervised during their play whether it is one-on-one with a handler or interaction in a group. We do our best to see to the safety of each dog, however, illness or accidents can happen - especially when dogs are introduced to a new environment, are under stress, or are active and playing with each other.

We do all we can to protect your dog from disease by requiring vaccinations and keeping their environment clean. Should an accident occur, Ruff House owners, employees, or volunteers shall not be held liable. Your initials signify your understanding and agreement with this policy.
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We will not hesitate to take a dog for veterinary care if we see anything that concerns us. Our vet clinic of choice is Stonewall Vet Clinic. We have every confidence in Dr. Mander and his staff. He may contact your own vet for a medical history should he think it is appropriate.

Every effort will be made to reach you or your alternate, but our first concern is the health of our guests. Your initials signify your understanding and agreement with this policy.
typing your initial constitutes legal consent
If I should be unavailable for consultation, in the event of an emergency or illness, Ruff House has my permission to have my dog treated by their veterinarian of choice. On my return, I will take full responsibility for any expenses incurred.


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For information on boarding, please contact Ruth Swardfager
1-204-206-0098 or email