Ruth Swardfager


Ruth Swardfager, owner and operator of Ruff House Boarding Kennel & Training Centre, has owned and informally trained dogs since childhood.

Don Swardfager


Don has been involved with training his own dogs and working with behavioural issues. He has also taken training classes in an holistic approach to dog training and dog behaviour.

With his calm, patient demeanor, he is the backbone of the boarding side of the business. He is known as the “Pied Piper” of Ruff House Boarding Kennel & Training Centre because the dogs love him and follow him everywhere he goes.

He takes care of their basic needs, plays ball with them, brushes them, pulls ticks off, and gives them treats. What’s not to love?

Sammy Mar

Instructor & Behaviour Specialist

I am a member of APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) and the PPG (Professional Pet Guild). I continually strive to upgrade my education so I can offer clients the most up to date, scientific, positive training methods.

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Michelle Wilker


I first found out about agility when my sister dragged me to an event. I was hooked immediately. Thus began my career and I have been participating in one way or another since 1997.

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